about me

Disorganized. Forgetful. Scatterbrained. Broke. Tired.


Do any of these words describe you? Do you struggle with being the mom, housekeeper, and wife you want to be?

Do you wish there was a magic pill that would give you energy, focus, motivation and ten extra hours every day?

You’ve come to the right place! No, I don’t have any magic pills, but I do know what you’re going through.

I’ve struggled with these things my entire adult life.  As I’ve figured out ways to make my goals easier to achieve, I’ve also realized that I’m not alone.

Tales of Home is all about how I’m working to bring out my inner supermom, and all about helping you do the same.

Come along with me while I improve myself, my relationship with God, my mothering skills, and my home.

My name is Erika.  I live outside of Atlanta with my amazing husband and two of our seven kids.  The other five are grown, and three of them have kids of their own.  I am truly blessed.

I like creating things and writing and reading and making lists. I would probably like cooking if it didn’t involve dirty dishes. I love sharing with others, and I’m super at giving advice (whether it’s asked for or not)!

I’m glad you’re here.  Feel free to email me, comment on posts, tell me how cute my kids are, and ask me anything.  I think we will be great friends.

my kids

This sorta sums up my life right here.  My youngest three kids.  Not just being goofy for the picture, they’re like this most of the time.  This should instantly dispell any notion you have that we are “normal”, and yes, they totally get their crazy from my side of the family.