a “get back on track” wednesday update

Have you fallen off the THM wagon? Are you struggling to get back on plan? You're not alone! Get the help you need to get back on Trim Healthy Mama with this challenge! Find out why the best time to start is now!

Howdy, folks!  It’s Wednesday, and I wanted to do a little update about week 1 of the challenge.  I also want to hear about how you guys are doing this week with your THM journey.

What are you eating? What are you struggling with?

I had to step on the scale at the doctor’s office Monday.  In front of a tiny, little, skinny, young nurse.  So fun!

Today is my first FULL day of being on plan.

I’ve had some mistakes and oopses the last three days.  Today’s going well, though.  It has been an “S” meal kinda day.

For breakfast, I had Serene’s Steamed Omega Sensations from the original Trim Healthy Mama book.  This is my favorite way to eat fried eggs.

When I got hungry again, I had a salad.  Spring mix, romaine & baby spinach, mixed with broccoli slaw.  I added a little shredded cheese and ranch dressing.  The ranch was from a bottle because I haven’t gotten around to making my favorite homemade ranch yet.

For lunch, I ate some leftover Buffalo wings.  They were unbreaded and had no sugar added.  It wasn’t a complete meal, but I let myself get too hungry in between eating times and didn’t feel like prepping veggies.

This afternoon I got the chocolate cravings BAD, so I quickly made up some skinny chocolate.  So far I’m not really craving sugar and the on-plan sweeteners have tasted fine!

Right now I’m making a stir-fry with chicken breast and frozen mixed vegetables.  I’m going to cook it in unrefined coconut oil and add some red curry paste, fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger, and a little Sweet Blend.  I baked up the chicken breasts ahead of time, and I will just slice them and add long enough to heat through.

I cooked extra chicken breasts to make chicken salad, too.  I can eat it on a WASA cracker or with salad greens later this week.  My daughter likes to eat it by itself, and my teenage son eats it the way he eats everything… between two slices of bread.  Evan is the Sandwich Boy.  It’s my biggest struggle with getting him to eat healthier.

So that is where I am now, mid-way into the week.  I haven’t weighed myself since Saturday morning, and I probably won’t until Sunday.

Fortunately, I have my menus and shopping list all ready to go for next week!

I will also have a sipper recipe for you tomorrow, that I tested and retweaked today.

Comment below or send me an email – let me know how you’re doing!