a little update about “getting back on track”

So, as many of you know, I have been experiencing headaches and migraines and homeschool problems that have headachefrustrationkept me from completing the menu I wanted to have up on Thursday.

I think I looked a little something like this all day yesterday—————————>

Fortunately, I woke up headache-free this morning.  Hoorah!  I’ve spent today finishing up the menu and recipes and shopping list.  I have also been working on folding the humongous pile of clean laundry that has accumulated in my bedroom.

So, I have clean laundry, a week-long THM plan, and a kitchen that has been purged of junk food.  What I don’t have are groceries.

So now I have to apologize for letting you all down AND I have to figure out how to be on plan this week.


Yes, I am still determined to be back on THM, and I still started today.  I gained 20 pounds, folks.  I undid two-fifths of my weight loss.  I am sad, and I refuse to gain back even one more pound!

I haven’t eaten much today because I’ve been busy and there’s not much healthy food in the house.  My new plan is to go out tomorrow after hubby gets home (we only have one car) and buy things to get me through the week.  I will use my beautiful menu and shopping list NEXT week.  I will also post it online tomorrow (really, I promise).

For this week, I will shop for the basics and wing it.  I suck at “winging it”, but I’ll manage.

What I will be buying:

  • ground beef
  • chicken breasts
  • tuna
  • lots and lots of salad veggies
  • lots and lots of cooking veggies
  • eggs!
  • deli meat
  • cheese
  • Laughing Cow cheese
  • brown rice
  • frozen berries
  • apples
  • fat-free greek yogurt
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • half & half

What I already have:

  • oats
  • on-plan sweeteners
  • some baking ingredients like coconut flour and almond flour
  • canned tomato products
  • onions
  • cocoa powder
  • spices and seasonings
  • Wasa crackers

Not much, right?

What we will eat:

  • oatmeal
  • eggs
  • chili
  • smoothies
  • grilled chicken breasts
  • salad with grilled chicken breasts
  • eggs
  • chicken salad and tuna salad on Wasa crackers or lettuce wraps
  • yogurt with berries
  • deli meat rolled up with cheese
  • more eggs
  • MIMs
  • other things that I can come up with off the top of my head

And, I will probably find something to make during the week and be missing one ingredient.  So I will text the hubster and ask him to stop and pick up said ingredient on his way home.

And that will probably happen more than once.

BUT I will NOT ask him to stop on his way home and pick up pizza or fast food.  Because 20 POUNDS is what happens when I do stuff like that.

We’re going to do this, gals!  Because we want to be TRIM and HEALTHY and FULL of ENERGY!

So, despite the fact that I’ve been a huge flake the last few days, stick with me!  Sign up for the “challenge”, join the facebook group, comment below or email me with questions or just to tell me what a huge flake I’ve been!

Coming up this week:

  • MONDAY – menus and grocery list (it’s finished and it’s really going up)
  • TUESDAY – a video tour of my THM kitchen um, maybe next week.  camera problems…
  • WEDNESDAY – a mid-week update in which I will reveal what the prize will be in the upcoming giveaway
  • THURSDAY – new recipe!
  • FRIDAY – a huge list of stocking stuffers under $5 (not THM related, but still pretty awesome)!

I’m off to make some sippers to get me through this week with no more soda!